Common Swimming Pool Repairs

There are various common swimming pool repairs that you will often need in order to maintain your pool in a good working condition and also enhance its performance. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a swimming pool professional to handle the repairs at the appropriate time so as to avoid inconvenience. The professional should be able to detect problems before or after they occur and offer ideal solutions. However, it is also important that you are knowledgeable on the common swimming pool repairs since there are some minor ones that you may simply perform individually.

The following are some of the most common swimming pool repairs that you should know;


Fixing pool pump problems

The pool pump is one of the key swimming pool equipment that facilitate its smooth operation. The pump can develop problems in various parts, which may require repairs. For instance, pump motor repairs is among the common services that many pool owners often need, considering it has numerous moving parts. A faulty motor can hinder the smooth circulation of water and also filtration from taking place. Considering the complexity of pool pumps, it is recommended you contact a professional to do repairs in case it develops a hitch.

Pool filter repairs

Swimming pool filtration systems also do require occasional repairs since they operate for several hours in order to keep the water safe for swimming. Filter repairs can include cleaning of the entire system, cartridges and other parts. In some instances, the repairs may involve replacement of certain parts of the filters or the whole equipment.

Torn or worn out pool liners

The lining of the pool is important in keeping water inside it and even a slight problem may lead to several losses. As soon as you notice any sign of tear or wear on the lining, it is time to conduct repairs. In fact, the pool lining requires regular checks to ensure that problems can be determined early enough for immediate repairs. Small tears on pool liners require patching while larger ones should be replaced.

Detection and sealing of leaks

One of the signs of a leaking pool is cracks along its walls or floors. However, leaks may also arise from defects on different swimming pool parts or equipment, which makes the process of detection to be a bit challenging. In order to get the best solutions to leaks, always hire professionals that can effectively detect and seal them off. There are various materials that can be used in sealing swimming pool leaks including, Nitrile rubber-based sealant, putty, quick patch, underwater glue, pool paste among others.

Besides the common swimming pool repairs discussed above, there are still several others that you should take note of, including;

  • Fixing swimming pool cracks
  • Pool lighting repairs
  • Water features

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