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Swimming Pool Singapore

Who we are

Swimming Pool Singapore is an established company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore.
We have more than 30 years of experience helping customer design, construct, repair, clean, and maintain their swimming pool. We have a team of dedicated workforce that is on stand-by 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day

About Swimming Pool Singapore

At Swimming Pool Singapore, we always take pride in offering high quality and professional swimming pool services and equipment in Singapore. Having been in the business long enough, we have the right expertise and experience to design, build, install and also maintain all types of residential and commercial swimming pools. Besides, we also stock a wide range of certified swimming pool equipment, accessories and products for guaranteed longevity and efficiency of your pool. We understand all the requirements for owning a swimming pool and can easily deliver the best services and equipment that suit your needs.

Our company is well-equipped with a team of swimming pool experts and all the required resources to enable you get the pool of your dreams. Our goal is to deliver the best and sustainable swimming pool solutions that perfectly suit your preferences, needs, space and budget. We can help you turn the dream of owning a swimming pool into reality without so much hassle, and also within the shortest time.

Our Specialization  

In delivering the ultimate swimming pool solutions, we offer a variety of services, equipment and accessories. In fact, it is only from us that you can be able to get the best pool design, construction, installation, maintenance and parts in one place. By relying on us, you will no longer have to worry about the stress of finding different companies for various kinds of swimming pool jobs.

We always meet all the needs of our clients in one-fold for unmatched convenience. Besides, this will also help you save some money.

Swimming Pool Equipment supplies 

We stock various types and brands of swimming pool equipment, parts and accessories that can be used in building, installing and re-modelling ideal swimming pools. Our experience with swimming pools has enabled us to provide a wider selection of the best equipment that meets the requirements of different kinds of pools.

The following are some of the main pool equipment that you can obtain from us;

Since swimming pool equipment usually come in different designs and brands, we have stocked a huge collection of the best that will deliver enhanced performance to your pool while also keeping it eco-friendly and economical. You can always acquire the parts for new swimming pool construction, replacement or refurbishment of worn out parts. All our equipment has warranties to give you the best value for money.

Swimming pool services 

In order to have your swimming pool running smoothly, there are various services that you will need. We offer comprehensive swimming pool services to ensure that you are able to enjoy using your pool without any worries. Our services are properly aligned to suit the specific needs of every client.

Some of the services that we can offer you include;

Swimming Pool Singapore is the right partner that you can always trust to assist in turning your idea of a swimming pool into a success story. After installation, we can still handle the regular inspection and maintenance of the pool to ensure that it operates smoothly. We have a team of professionals that will always work round-the-clock so that any problem encountered in using the pool is fixed appropriately at your convenience.

To make the process of owning a swimming pool much easier, we can also assist our clients with acquisition of approval from relevant authorities and preparation of estimates for all kinds of pool projects. Even if you are planning to buy property with a swimming pool, we recommend that you let us conduct a thorough inspection on it.

Our Guarantees

Choosing Swimming Pool Singapore for all your swimming pool equipment and services comes with great benefits for the ultimate satisfaction. We always offer the following guarantees to our clients;

  • High quality and efficient swimming pool equipment and parts
  • Professional services
  • Reliable pool repair and maintenance services

By offering the best swimming pool equipment and services under one roof, you can always be able to save quite a lot of time and money. With us, you are guaranteed nothing but the ultimate swimming pool solutions!