Design, Supply, Construction, Installation and Maintenance of Sauna Room


Sauna bathing offers a wide range of health benefits that will leave your mind and body well relaxed. In fact, sauna bathing is one of the best ways of flushing out toxins from the body and maintaining optimal mental health. Having a sauna in your home or at your convenience ensures that you can easily enjoy all these benefits more leisurely to your measure. We are the experts that you can trust for the best design, supply, installation and maintenance of sauna in Singapore. Over the years, we have been able to assist many people in obtaining the best sauna designs, equipment and parts as well as construction and new installations.

With us, you no longer have to look anywhere else for assistance when it comes to choosing the best sauna design, parts, construction and maintenance services since we can handle all with a guarantee of the ultimate solutions. We specialize in saunas for both residential establishments as well as commercial property like hotels among others.

Variety of sauna designs 

For a remarkable thermal experience in a sauna, there are various kinds of designs that you can choose from. Our designs are created by professionals who truly understand the shifting needs of clients when it comes to saunas. In fact, we can help you in creating just any kind of design for your dream sauna.

Some of the various types of saunas that we can design for your home or commercial establishment include;

  • Traditional sauna
  • Steam rooms
  • Ice stations
  • Heated loungers
  • Infrared sauna

Even with the above models, we still understand that you may want your sauna to have a few unique features. Therefore, our designers will always take into account all your needs and come up with the right match for your dream sauna. We can assist you in selecting the best sauna design for your space, preferences as well as budget.

Professional Sauna Installation Services

After choosing the best designs for your space and budget, we will also help you in selecting high quality parts to be sued in the construction process. We are a well-established company with all the requirements for sauna construction and installation so that you do not have to keep running up and down in search of parts or equipment.

All the sauna supplies that we stock are directly obtained from manufacturers and proven to deliver greater performance. However, we have sauna parts and equipment from various manufacturers to give our clients a variety of choices. This means you can always find the right one that you need for your sauna. To help you save the costs of electricity, the sauna supplies that we offer are energy efficient.

Our sauna installation services are not only professional but also detailed to cater for all your needs while also making sure that you only end up with the best. Despite the design, we always get creative with the installation and finishing to give every sauna a unique touch from the other. Our goal is to ensure that you get a sauna that is well-tailored to your preferences, lifestyle and décor of your space.

Depending on your needs, we can conduct installations for both in-house and outdoor saunas. Besides, we can handle projects for both small sized and even larger installations within a short period of time since we have adequate personnel and also the right tools and equipment.

Professional Sauna Maintenance

Many people usually wait until they encounter problems in their saunas in order to find maintenance services. However, that is usually a very bad idea since it can subject you to very many losses. By relying on us, we can always plan and undertake regular maintenance services to ensure that the sauna remains in good condition for a longer period.

Through our maintenance services, we will be able conduct a proper inspection of the entire facility to ensure that every part is in the right working condition. This process is recommended since it also enables us to diagnose any likely hitches and fix them right on time for safety and convenience. Our maintenance services are quite comprehensive and looks into all the parts and features of your sauna for longevity. Besides, we are also available round-the-clock to help you within a short notice.

We guarantee highly professional and affordable design, supply, installation and maintenance of saunas in Singapore. Please contact us for more details!