Design, Construction, Supply and Installation of Water Play Singapore


Water play is a perfect way of relaxation, growth and development for the body, soul and mind. Contrary to what most people believe, water play is not only for children but a great activity that even adults can indulge in. One of the best ways of getting the most out of aquatic activities is installation of various kinds of features in your water play area. In fact, there is a wide range of water play features that we can design, construct, supply and install for a more fulfilling experience. At Swimming Pool Singapore, we have the best solutions for water play for both residential and commercial property.

Water play can effectively help in cognitive development, learning and exploration, coordination as well as enhancing balance and strength. However, the enjoyment of all these benefits depends on the design, construction and installation of your water play area. Instead of struggling to find help from unreliable sources, Swimming Pool Singapore has the ultimate solutions that will enable you to get the most of water play in your home or business property with custom-designed features.

Water Play Features and Structures  

There are various kinds of water play features and structures that we can design, construct and install for you. We have included an assortment of the most common features and structures as well as innovative and unique designs that you can choose from depending on your needs. Our designers can even create a one-of-a-kind feature to make your water playground stand out from the rest.

Apart from enabling users to get the most of aquatic activities, water playground features and structures can also significantly give the water park a different touch of class and luxury. An ideal water playground should be more appealing such that even without indulging in aquatic activities, people can still chill around and feel at home.

We can design, construct, supply and install various kinds of water play features and structures in your home or commercial property including;

  • Interactive water toys with self-contained pumps
  • Water sprays and jets
  • Climb and slide water structures
  • Themed water features
  • Water play creatures and animals
  • Water play automotive toys like cars and even planes
  • Colorful waterslides for all age groups

Whether you need interactive water play features for characters, entertainment and recreation, we have the right choices to make your water park more useful and fun. In designing, constructing and installing water playground features and structures, we use various kinds of materials including fiberglass, specialty plastics and composite. We can always help you in choosing the best features and structures that are corrosion-free and lighter. Despite the kind of design that you may prefer, we can help you achieve it with so much ease. Our specialists can also design and install proper lighting to complement your water playground.

Benefits of Choosing our Water Play Features

At Swimming Pool Singapore, we take pride in delivering only the best solutions to meet the specific needs of every client. By choosing our water play features, you always have a guarantee of the following;

  • Flexibility in designs
  • Unlimited choice of color schemes and themes
  • Easy-to-use controls like, touch pad activation
  • Custom layout design
  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Easy installation
  • Safe and eco-friendly products

Although most water play features and structures do not usually use energy, there are also some that do. As a result, we strive to deliver features that are efficient and can help you save up on the cost of electricity. Besides, all our products also come with enhanced safety measures like ergonomic construction to prevent accidents during water play. For even much greater savings, we supply water park features that require little to no maintenance.

Why Choose Swimming Pool Singapore

We have our own team of accomplished designers to help you in creating custom features and structures for any kind of water playground. Our specialists can also assist you in identifying the best features for aquatic activities in case you are not sure of the right ones.

Since we can design, build, supply and install water play features for both residential and commercial establishments, you are always guaranteed highly efficient and reliable solutions. In fact, this will also enable you to save more on the cost of obtaining the products and services for water play.

We always oversee every project from start to completion for the best results. Our services do not just end at the installation phase but we also go further to offer all clients professional advice on how to ensure enhanced performance and safety for water playgrounds. Contact us today!