Swimming Pool Lighting

Proper swimming pool lighting will enable you to use the pool both day and night as you wish. Besides, it is also an ideal way of adding a unique touch to the swimming pool. We have a wide range of residential and commercial swimming pool lighting equipment that you can choose from to add different kinds of effects to the pool. From our huge selection of pool lighting equipment and parts, you can easily find the right one to make it more inviting at all times of day and night.

Our swimming pool lighting solutions are ideal for enhancing underwater effects as well as keeping the surrounding of the pool well lit. Besides, lighting your pool is also a greater way of increasing visibility under water. Even if you may have a problem in choosing the right lighting equipment, our pool experts can always assist you in finding the best match without so much hassle.

Wide range of swimming pool lighting equipment to choose from

We understand that people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to pool lighting. Hence, we stock a wide range of lighting equipment, parts and accessories from where you can always select the right one for your swimming pool. The following are some of the key swimming pool lighting equipment that we offer;

This type of pool lighting is ideal for swimming pools that are designed with ancient architecture. In fact, it is the perfect choice to go for whenever you need proper lighting for an old swimming pool. Apart from just their unique design, these lights also have several other benefits when installed on a swimming pool.

Incandescent lighting is more affordable since the equipment come are a bit cheaper compared to other kinds of swimming pool lights. Besides, they are also quite easier to install, thereby reducing even the costs of fixing them onto your pool. In case you need an ideal lighting for an old pool or want to create an ancient feel in a new one, this is the right kind of light to go for.

This is the latest technology in lighting that you should go for in order to revolutionize the look and feel of your swimming pool. The lights are renowned for their vibrant appeal in swimming pools so you are able to enjoy swimming both during the day and at night. They enhance greater visibility that makes you feel quite safe when using the pool. In fact, LED lights have greater illumination characteristics that will make your pool inviting, with a unique touch of warmth.

The following are some of the greater advantages of choosing LED lighting for your swimming pool;

  • They come in a wide range of color schemes to choose from
  • 3 to 5 times more energy efficient than other lights
  • More bright and vibrant lighting

LED lighting is the best way to give your swimming pool a complete makeup, both underwater and in the surroundings. Based on the various colors that the lights come in, you can always choose the most ideal color that can deliver greater ambience and visibility. Besides, the lights also have more lifespan than other common lights, hence can serve you for quite a long period of time without replacement. In fact, the latest LED lights can effectively work for up to 70,000 hours without developing any problem.

By choosing LED lighting for your swimming pool, you will not only be able to enhance visibility and ambience in the pool but also save quite a lot of money in regular replacements of lights owing to their longer lifespan and efficiency.

Besides Underwater LED Lighting, We also offer Swimming Pool LED rope and Strip Lights.

Most pools that have not been upgraded usually have these kinds of lights. However, you can still install halogen lighting in your swimming pool for an enhanced touch and feel. This type of lighting is also energy efficient and can save you quite a lot of money when it comes to the costs of electricity.

Obtaining halogen lights for your swimming pool offers the following additional benefits;

  • More intense lighting for greater visibility
  • Effective lighting for an extended period of time

Halogen lights are designed with special features for a longer lifespan so you do not have to do the lighting quite often. This will not only keep your pool well-lit for long but also cut down the costs of lighting maintenance and replacements

Fiber Optics pool lighting is also another greater option that you can choose when planning to light up your swimming pool. This kind of lighting system is quite unique from other kinds discussed above, in that, their bulbs are placed in a dry box above the patio of the pool. Just as the name suggests, the light generated from the bulbs travel through fiber optic cables, which are fitted inside the walls of the swimming pool.

Some kinds of fiber optic lights are designed with color wheels positioned within the box through which the light is exposed to the various parts of the pool. Such operate more like LED lights since they can change their color schemes to give your pool an ambient touch. The latest models are also energy efficient so your pool consumes the least amount of electricity.

We install new lighting equipment and also do upgrading

With the wide range of swimming pool lighting equipment that we offer, you can always get the right match for building a new pool and refurbishing an old one. In case you may not be well informed on the most ideal lighting equipment, our technicians are ready to assist in choosing the best one that can work perfectly for your swimming pool.

With the experience that we have in swimming pool lighting Singapore, you are guaranteed the best fix for any kind of residential or commercial pool. Whether you need flush lights or surface lights, we always have the right match for your pool. In fact, we also do repairs and replacement for all kinds of swimming pool lighting equipment so your pool remains well-lit at all times.

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