Design, Construction, Supply and Installation of Water Feature in Singapore


Water features do not only add a luxurious touch to a landscape but can also ignite a charm of tranquility and ambience in your space. Custom designed water features can contribute unmatched beauty to your garden, making it more inviting. At Swimming Pool Singapore, we can deliver the best water features design, construction, supply and installation to meet your specific demands. We can help you create a masterpiece on your landscape with custom-made water features for both residential and commercial establishments.

We have ready-made water features designs that you can always choose from depending on your expectations. However, our team of designers can also create a unique water feature design for you from scratch. Water usually has a way of making us feel more at ease and relaxed, thus, choosing an ideal water feature design for your landscape would go a long way in enhancing its look and feel. We understand that sometimes, choosing the best water feature design for your landscape could be a little bit challenging but there is no reason to worry because, our professionals can always assist you in obtaining the perfect solution.

Fountains and Cascades

Fountains can be created in a wide range of designs to choose from including, wall fountains, self-contained fountains, disappearing fountains, intricate bowl fountains, tiered fountains, column fountains, vase fountains, bubbling rock fountains among others. Fountains are highly adaptable and can be installed in homes and even commercial property. We have the best team of creative designers and materials to create the best water fountains to complement your garden in every sense. Besides, we can use different kinds of materials to construct and install fountains and cascades to suit your specific needs.

Feature Ponds and Artificial Lakes

Feature ponds have today become one of the most commonly used water feature in most residential establishments. Feature ponds can divert attention to your garden and easily bring out an appealing touch to your space. We can help you with the perfect design, construction, supply and installation of various kinds of feature ponds including, reflecting pools, water gardens, ornamental pools, wildlife ponds, plant ponds among others that you may choose.


Waterfalls are also very unique and can give your landscape that soothing sound for a calm inspiration. Besides, they can also create a vertical dimension that can attract people from a distance. Most waterfall features are created from natural stones and boulders but we can go out of our way to deliver one that perfectly suits your needs and budget. We can design, construct, supply and install various kinds of waterfalls for your garden including, pond-less waterfalls, cataract, cascades, ledge horsetail, and plunge among others.

Swimming Pool Water Features

Based on the experience that we have in design, construction and installation of water features, we can also help you choose the best swimming pool water features that can match your landscape. Our professionals can incorporate spillways, waterfalls, fountains and water jets into your landscape to bring out a unique touch of luxury and sophistication.

Why Choose our Services

At Swimming Pool Singapore, we believe in the power of change and have the right expertise, tools and equipment to enable you achieve the look and feel that you need in your garden with custom-made water features. The following are more reasons why you should always talk to us for design, construction, supply and installation of water feature Singapore.

  • Professionalism and creativity in designsWe have expert water features designers to help you in creating just any kind of design that you need. Besides, we can also offer professional construction and installation of state-of-the-art water features in your garden. With our services, there is no limit to your imagination.
  • High Quality Equipment and Materials: We always liaise with leading manufacturers to obtain high quality parts to use in the construction and installation of water features. In fact, all the materials that we use including tiles, stones, metal bars, lighting equipment are acquired from the best brands for the best performance and longevity of the water features in your landscape.
  • Reliable Solutions and Affordable Solutions: We have all the resources for delivering your dream water features under one roof, and this ensures that we are always able to handle all projects at the convenience of every client. Besides, this will also enable you to save quite a lot of money in obtaining water features for your garden.

Instead of doing several rounds online in search of a good design for water features, simply talk to us. We can design, construct, supply and install custom water features to match your landscape, budget and lifestyle.