Difference between Pool Repair Vs. Pool Restoration

In most occasions, many people confuse pool repair with pool restoration. In fact, this has led quite a number of pool owners to get raw deals from swimming pool service providers. At Swimming Pool Singapore, we always go out of our way to explain all the processes and procedures involved in pool repair and restoration to our clients so you know exactly the specific services required in the maintenance of your pool. This has enabled us to always deliver satisfactory solutions to all our clients.

In order to properly understand the difference between pool repairs vs. pool restoration, it is important to know the various kinds of services or operations involved in each. There is a wide range of pool repair and restoration services that we offer. Our goal is to ensure that your swimming pool is kept in the right condition to serve you for longer.


Pool repair

Swimming pool repair entails fixing or mending parts, equipment or features of the pool. When your swimming pool needs repairs, it means there is something broken or damaged that must be corrected in order for it to operate smoothly. Sometimes, repairs may also involve replacement of malfunctioning pool equipment. After inspections on the affected areas, we always recommend the right procedures and materials to be used in doing repairs.

We offer professional pool repair services for;

Fixing broken pipes and even tiles in or around your pool also fall under repairs. However, it should be noted that repair services vary depending on the problem and also its magnitude. Despite the problem encountered in your swimming pool, we have experts with experience in handling repairs for different kinds of swimming pools to assist you in short notice. In order to avoid frequent repairs, we always recommend proper maintenance of the pool, which we can also do at your own convenience.

Pool restoration

Unlike pool repair, restoration can be done even if the pool is not damaged. The basis of restoration is to preserve on enhance the quality of the swimming pool. After using your swimming pool for a long period of time, it is advisable to maybe do re-tiling or re-painting to maintain its aesthetic value.

Pool restoration involves all the procedures undertaken towards bringing back its beauty and efficiency, which may have faded due to prolonged use or damage. We offer the following pool restoration services;

  • Pool resurfacing
  • Replacing the tiles with new design options
  • Cleaning the pool and areas around it
  • Changing the pool lighting
  • Installation of new water features

Activities like waterproofing, installation of safety covers, paint works, chemical automation among others also fall under pool restoration. In offering restoration services, we always fix all the existing and likely problems, and also introduce new features or equipment that you may wish to be installed. Besides, restoration may also involve removal of certain features from the pool.

Despite the slight difference between pool repair vs. pool restoration, we have the expertise to deliver the best services so you can continue using the swimming pool without any worries. Contact us today!

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