LED Pool Lights Vs Fiber Optic Pool Lights

Most people have often been challenged in choosing the best swimming pool lighting option between LED pool lights and fiber optic lights. However, that is not an experience that you should go through anymore. The following comparison between LED pool lights and Fiber optic pool lights can help you in choosing the most suitable one for illuminating and creating a unique touch of luxury on your swimming pool.

Cost and price

When looking at the cost and price of LED pool lights and Fiber optic pool lights, it is always important to consider the initial costs as well as the costs of maintaining the lights during the tenure of their use. Typically, LED pool lights usually range from about $400 and $900 in terms of initial costs compared to Fiber optic, which can cost between $900 and $1500. However, there is a downturn to Fiber optic pool lights; they need an additional fan for cooling the bulbs. Besides, Fiber optic lights will also need an electric motor, which usually requires constant replacement and repairs.

In terms of replacement, LED pool lights can cost you about $200 to $300 for replacing the bulbs, however, they can last up to seven years or more without being replaced. Fiber optic lights on the other hand, will cost you slightly more and can last for only 3 to a few more years. Despite the initial costs, Fiber optic lights usually require a lot of maintenance in order to stay in the best working condition unlike LED pool lights. Considering all these, LED pool lights are more economical than Fiber optic pool lights.


Since the main reason for lighting up swimming pool is to illuminate the area and enhance visibility, the brightness of the lights used should be a key factor to always consider when choosing pool lights. A full or large-sized LED pool lights can effectively illuminate the swimming pool and surrounding areas. Even when using smaller LED pool lights, you will need only about two in order to properly illuminate the swimming pool.

Fiber optic pool lights are not generally a great pick for lighting up pools mainly because they are principle-based. Even with two fiber optic pool lights, you may not still be able to get the brightness of a single LED pool light. In fact, studies have revealed that a single PAL 2000 LED pool light could effectively illuminate a 16 by 38 swimming pool much better than two fiber optic pool lights. In order to effectively light up your swimming pool with fiber optic lights, you will need more lights, which also comes at a very high cost.

Durability and Longevity

Although the longevity of pool lights usually depends on how they are installed and used, there are slight differences between the construction of LED pool lights and Fiber optic pool lights. Generally, LED pool lights are made from strong semi-conductors that can withstand use over a longer period of time. Fiber optic pool lights on the other hand, are made from strands that are usually very delicate and require frequent maintenance in order to stay in the best working condition.

LED pool lights can remain powered for several hours without heating up or failures despite the area where they are installed. When using Fiber optic pool lights, you will need to constantly check and do some maintenance and even replacements. LED pool lights have longer lifespan of up to seven years and more without the need for replacement, which makes them a great option for saving up on maintenance costs.


The safety of pool lights is an important aspect to always consider when choosing the devices. LED pool lights are recyclable and, this is one element that make them quite safer to humans and the environment than most common bulbs and even Fiber optic lights. Most LED pool lights have low voltage and do not produce as much heat as several common bulbs and tubes. Even if left powered for the whole day, LED pool lights cannot heat up, which means there are no incidences or risks attached to using them underwater or around the perimeter of the swimming pool. Fiber optic pool lights on the other hand, do not emit electricity since most of the mechanical functions are confined in the illuminator box. But, they can impact certain risks to the environment in the event of a hitch inside the illuminator box.

When choosing between LED pool lights and Fiber Optic pool lights, it would be advisable to go for LED swimming pool lighting. In order to easily get quality and fairly priced LED pool lights, always shop for the products from Swimming Pool Singapore.