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Common Swimming Pool Repairs

There are various common swimming pool repairs that you will often need in order to maintain your pool in a good working condition and also enhance its performance. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a swimming pool professional to handle the repairs at the appropriate time so as to avoid inconvenience. The professional should…
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Swimming Pool Water Chemistry

Maintaining the proper swimming pool water chemistry is the surest way to keep your pool clean and safe for all swimmers. Pool owners can save time and money by maintaining the right pool water chemistry. It is vital to hire experts to assist you in the maintenance of the ideal pool chemistry balance. Anything that…
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Swimming Pool Water Testing

Professional swimming pool water testing assists pool owners to enjoy their facility for a long time. Pool water testing also helps pool experts to offer the best advice to their customers and prospects. Having essential pool water test performed will help you to prevent various problems in the future such as algae growth, discomfort symptoms…
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Difference between Pool Repair Vs. Pool Restoration

In most occasions, many people confuse pool repair with pool restoration. In fact, this has led quite a number of pool owners to get raw deals from swimming pool service providers. At Swimming Pool Singapore, we always go out of our way to explain all the processes and procedures involved in pool repair and restoration…
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