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Our condominium is more than 30 years old. We have been experiencing frequent breakdown of the swimming pool equipment recently, and basically everything is falling apart. This is causing a lot of frustrations with the condominium swimming pool users.

We contacted Swimming Pool Singapore immediately. Not only are their customer service excellent, but their quotations are also very reasonably priced!. I would definitely recommend Swimming Pool Singapore to all Swimming Pool Owners/Managers out there!

Mr. Eric Goh Swee Eng, Condominium Manager


We had a small Koi pool cum water fountain in our landed property in Bukit Timah. After years of neglect, we found algae formation in and around the fountain area. The algae is not only unsightly, a few of my expensive Koi fishes also died as a result of the algae formation as it depletes the fish pond of oxygen.

Luckily i was introduced to Swimming Pool Singapore and they did an excellent job in not only removing the algae for good, but also refurbished and restored my Koi pond to its former glory!

Thanks to the team from Swimming Pool Singapore!

Ms. Tan Ling Ling, Home Owner

Our Country Club is located in one of the remote corner of Singapore and our swimming pool is exposed to a number of wild lives that would roam into the country club compound. Recently, one of these wild live (monkey) was found dead in our swimming pool. We had no choice but to clean the swimming pool thoroughly and have the whole swimming pool water changed.

We engaged Swimming Pool Singapore's service and they did a great job for us!

Mrs. Jenny Lim, Country Club Manager

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