Andy Cheng believes you should always leave it to an expert in order to get the best solution. A well trained and accomplished Plumbing, pump and filtration system specialist, Cheng has the expertise to effectively diagnose and fix your swimming pool equipment. His experience with different kinds of swimming pool equipment enables him to always deliver custom solutions to keep your swimming pool running smoothly.

Cheng’s proficiency in swimming pool equipment is one of the key tools of his trade. Besides, he is also a very keen observer and creative thinker who can easily solve even some of the seemingly difficult problems. Having handled different models of swimming pool pumps, filters and plumbing parts, Cheng is always a step ahead.

Cheng is among some of the most sought after swimming pool specialists. Many clients are always impressed with his professionalism. He understands the right tools to always use for custom solutions. Besides, Cheng can also give you professional advice on the proper handling of your swimming pool equipment for convenience.

Despite the magnitude of your pool problems, Andy Cheng is the best match. He can effectively handle all kinds of plumbing and equipment problems in both small and larger swimming pools. After an inspection of the swimming pool, he will be able to also provide you with a copy of accurate estimates. This enables you to know in prior what to expect.

The expertise that Cheng possesses is a result of proper training and many years’ experience. Besides, he is also well conversant with different kinds of swimming pools. This enables him to always find sustainable solutions that meet the needs of different clients. What even makes him so unique is that he can handle both plumbing, pump and filtration systems.

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