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Singapore Swimming Club is a magnificent recreational club, which you can visit for the perfect indulgence in a series of water sports and other activities. Located along Tanjong Rhu Road in Fort Road District, Singapore Swimming Club is a renowned recreational spot that has over the years attracted large numbers of people from across Singapore as well as foreigners. Apart from just recreation, the facility also offers classes in swimming, tennis, fitness among other activities. Besides, the club also offers a selection of sumptuous diners that you can also enjoy during your visits.

Among the numerous water sporting activities and courses offered at the Singapore Swimming Club, swimming is one of those that keeps large numbers of people trickling in through its gates. This is attributed to the large sized, safe and efficient swimming pools in the club. The club has several swimming pools, which are professionally designed and maintained in the best working conditions to give users the most fulfilling experience in swimming and other water activities. In order to fully cater for the varying needs of learners and those swimming just for fun, the pools are designed with diverse features.

At Swimming Pool Singapore, we understand the concept of swimming pool design, construction, maintenance and cleaning to always deliver the ultimate solutions. Whether you want a new pool or upgrading for equipment and parts, we have the expertise and experience to offer professional services tailored to your needs and budget. Our company always guarantee quality workmanship for all residential and commercial swimming pools.

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