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The Rendezvous Hotel is situated in the Arts and Heritage District. The hotel has been described as a unique appeal that complements the trendsetting image of the area. In fact, the hotel offers a great blend of the Attitude of the locale, Retro style and Technology to give guests the most fulfilling experience during their stay. The design of Rendezvous Hotel and facilities therein depict a rich artistic culture and contemporary styles to make your stay an experience worth remembering.

Apart from just the exquisite interior design of the hotel, it also has some of the latest and luxurious amenities like, spa pools, swimming pools, sauna, steam room and others. All these are designed, constructed and maintained by our professionals to give every guest at the hotel, the best opportunity for the ultimate relaxation. Besides, these facilities are among some of the key attractions that give the hotel a cut above the rest in the area.

In order to perfectly complement the surrounding areas of Rendezvous Hotel, we integrated a variety of highly efficient and stylish pool equipment and supplies. You too can easily give your swimming pool, sauna, water feature and steam room the most luxurious touch with our services. We specialize in professional pool construction, design, maintenance and cleaning services. Besides, our experts can also assist you in choosing durable and efficient equipment and features for your pool. Our company has a team of professionals that can always deliver the best services customized to the setting of your commercial establishment and customer needs.

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